The Book

English #

All the English-language CS Unplugged activities are available in book form as a free download.

If you’d like a bound, printed copy of the English version, it’s available from; if you buy this print version you’ll also be making a donation towards improving the resources we offer.

PDF Download: You can download the 2015 edition here: CSUnplugged_OS_2015_v3.1

Word Download: You can get a version that you can edit in MS Word (or Open Office) from the changelog page, and there is more information about making contributions on the contribute page.

Order Physical Book: You can get this from from — we appreciate your support!

A full changelog of changes made to these books are available on the changelog page.

Other Languages #

Chapters from the book has been translated into many languages. Where only one or two chapters have been translated, they can be obtained from the relevant page for the activity. The following languages have substantial translations of a version of the book. (Note that the book has changed since it was first released in the 1990s, and not all translations correspond to the same version.)

Arabic #

Activities 1 and 2 are available separately in Arabic on their respective pages, and together in a single PDF here. The first ten activities are available here.

Bahasa Indonesia #

The activities have been translated into Bahasa Indonesia by Hatma Suryotrisongko and students at the Information Systems Department, Faculty of Information Technology, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember. A full PDF is available, as well as a zip file of the Word and PDF versions of each activity.

Bosnia and Herzegovina #

Parts I to IV of the book have been translated for Bosnia and Herzegovina. The source file is also available.

Chinese (Traditional) #

Translations for some activities from 2006/2007 are available on the individual activity pages. A full translation of the 2016 book by Franklin Weng is available, and the source is available via GitHub.

Czech #

A Czech translation (parts I, II and III) is available via this site.

Dutch #

The first half of the book has been translated into Dutch. You can find more on

French #

François Rechenmann at INRIA has produced a French translation for Interstices website. The teacher version of the book is available from the Interstices website.

Samuel Chalifour has produced a “Replugged” version of the book (in French), available as an interactive iBook, also via iTunes. The first 13 activities are currently available.

German #

A full German translation is available here thanks to TU Wien and ETH Zürich. Special thanks go to Prof. Hromkovic (ETH Zürich), who made possible for TU Wien, under the lead of Prof. Stefan Szeider and Prof. Agata Ciabattoni, to deliver the materials to the teaching community and the public within project ADA (Algorithmen Denken Anders, started in 2019).

A German translation of the first 5 activities is available here, translated by Maexl Stege of Limburgerhof in Germany. In collaboration with SPARCS (Solving Problems with Algorithms, Robots, and ComputerS), Department of Computer Science, University of Victoria, Canada, Maexl is translating the remaining activities. Please send any comments regarding this translation to An adaptation of Unplugged material in German from the Hasso-Plattner-Institut (Universität Potsdam), which covers many of the activities, can be found here.

Jacqueline Staub (at ETH Zurich) has produced a German translation of the Binary Numbers activity and the Sorting Algorithms.

Arno Liegmann (at ETH Zurich) has produced a German translation of the Searching Algorithms, Sorting Network and Orange Game activities.

Greek #

A translation of the book (activities 1 to 12) by Konstantinos and Stefanos Mousafeiris is available via the Greek Linux Users group as a PDF. Translations of each activity are available on the individual activity pages.

Hebrew #

A Hebrew translation of the Unplugged activities is in progress. The activities are being posted on a blog as they are completed. The work is being done by Shimon Schocken and Benny Chor.

Hungarian #

Translations of each activity are available on the individual pages. There is a Hungarian website available.

Indonesian #

A Bahasa Indonesia version is being developed by Hatma Suryotrisongko; currently chapter 1 is available: unpluggedTeachersDec2008-edit_indonesia.

Italian #

An Italian version (updated January 2016) is available for download: csunplugged-it.2015.1.0.

Japanese #

A Japanese version is available on and all activities are available here.

Korean #

A Korean version is available from BookWall or Yes24 or Kyobobook. Korean versions of the videos are available here. Several other Korean translations exist. A free online version by Kwangchun Lee is available at, and the GitHub repository for this version is available on GitHub.

Lithuanian #

A Lithuanian version is available here. Translation has been done by Valentina Dagienė and Eglė Jasutė.

Persian (Farsi) #

Persian (Farsi) version by Hamed Mohebbi and Erfaneh Mohebbi at Fatemi Cultural Institute, Tehran, IRAN. Translations are currently available for Binary Numbers, Image Representation and Text Compression.

Polish #

Translations of each activity are available on the individual activity pages.

Portuguese (Brazil) #

A Portuguese (Brazil) version is available for download here thanks to Luciano Porto Barreto, and a web version is available here thanks to Leonardo Barichello.

Romanian #

The Romanian translation of CS Unplugged has been done by Asociatia Techsoup within the Predau Viitor (Teaching the future) program for quality and equity in CS education. Together with other free CS teaching resources around Scratch, the Romanian version is available here.

Russian #

A Russian version is available for download here, provided by Derevyanko Irina Aleksandrovna, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences (Computer Science), Podolsk, Moscow, Russia.

Serbo-Croatian #

The “Marching Orders” activity is available here.

Slovenian #

A Slovenian version is available for download here.

Spanish #

A Spanish version is available for download here. The translation has been done by Alfonso Rodriguez (iCarnegie, Pittsburgh, PA), Lorena Mendoza (Pittsburgh, PA) and Clara Eugenia Garza (IIMAS UNAM Ciudad de Mexico).

Swedish #

A Swedish version is available for download here (chapters 1 to 8). Swedish versions of the videos are available here.

Thai #

A Thai version is available for download here thanks to Suchathit Boonnag and Thanaruk Theeramunkong from the Artificial Intelligence Association of Thailand (AIAT).

Turkish #

Translations of each activity are available on the individual pages.

Other languages #

For other languages, see the individual activities.

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