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Commentaries on teaching computing

Resources for teaching Computer Science

Computer Science outreach programmes

Cool books and stories

  • Lauren Ipsum is a wonderful fictional story about a girl lost in Userland. Computer Scientists will recognise lots of familiar ideas in the fantastical characters and situations that Lauren encounters.
  • Computational Fairy Tales is a delightful book of computer science ideas being applied to solve problems in a fictional kingdom. With chapter titles like “The town of Bool”, “Detecting curses with Recursion”, “Sorting during the Flu outbreak”, “The NP-hard curse” and so on, you can see where it’s headed. His second book, “Best Practices of Spell Design” continues in the same vein.
  • Shanon Duval’s Computer Science Kindergarten Style and CS Fairy Tales provide some entertaining seasoning for teaching Computer Science.
  • Andrzej Urbanski’s Alan Bit appears in a series of books, games and related activities (in Polish, although some of the website is in English).

Other programmes relating to computing and schools

Material relating to the public understanding of science

Other interesting links

  • If you like CS Unplugged… you may enjoy the movie “The Professor and his beloved equation”, which is a wonderful story that happens to teach an appreciation for mathematics, but will appeal to a wide range of people due to the great cinematography, intriguing plot, and great acting. The soundtrack is in Japanese, but the DVD has subtitles. It is based on abook by Yoko Ogawa. (The book and film have several translated titles, including “The Gift of Numbers”).
  • UK Presenter and Comedian, Alan Davies embarks on a maths odyssey with the help of mathematician Marcus du Sautoyin this series of informative videos on the importance of Mathematics and it’s applications in everyday life. These videos offer good motivation for students who are usually not interested in Mathematics. See the documentary here.
  • Packetville is an online community packed with educational games, lesson plans, assessment materials, information for parents, awards for students, great graphics, catchy music, and loads of student activities that will help your students meet the national standards in educational technology. You’ll find that Packetville resources fit into many subject areas, especially computer classes and social studies. Better yet, consider creating a dynamic Packetville Club in your classroom or as an after-school activity. Packetville is a fun way to teach your students how the Internet works and how they can help others through the use of technology.
  • NCSS Challenge is run by the School of Information Technologies at the University of Sydney as part of the National Computer Science School (NCSS). The Challenge is unlike any other programming competition because we will teach you how to program as we go along rather than expecting you to be an expert coder already. However, if you are a seasoned coder, we have something for you too because the problems will range from relatively simple through to mind-bendingly hard. If you have questions or comments please email NCSS.
  • Tom Bradley, a Computer Science Graduate from Swansea has written a paper on Building interactive learning tools for the Computer Science Unplugged course
  • Donald Knuth gives the Turing Lecture 2011. Summary: The all-pervasive nature of the general-purpose computer has made the most profound mark on almost every aspect of our lives. The central seminal figure in this computer revolution was Alan Turing, whose outstanding originality and vision was what made it possible, in work originating in the mid 1930s. Although it is now hard to see what the limits of the computer revolution might eventually be, it was Turing himself who pointed out to us the very existence of such theoretical limitations.
  • Computerphile is a new YouTube Channel that interviews academics about various topics in Computer Science

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