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Events for Computer Science Unplugged include workshops and seminars for educators, and shows for children. If you are running an event that would be of interest to the Unplugged community, please let us know using this form so that we can mention it here.


4 – 7 October 2016, Luebeck, Germany: Creative Mathematical Sciences Communication


Join Tim Bell, Mike Fellows and other fun, creative folks interested in exploring new ways of popularizing computational thinking, algorithmic thinking, and the foundations and frontiers of computing. Come present your own efforts and demonstrate / discuss new ideas with outdoor activities, storytelling, art, dance, coding, lecture or other activities. This is Computer Science Unplugged! ( and Beyond! Ideas for round-table discussions welcome. Send an Abstract by 9 July about what you would like to do to Rudiger Reischuk ( or Sebastian Berndt (

Explore new ways of popularizing the rich mathematics underlying computer science including outdoor activities, art, dance, drama and all forms of storytelling. This is CSUnplugged ( and Beyond.

The creative dynamic is bi-directional. Challenge yourself to communicate our research culture to young people and you will inevitably confront fresh mathematical questions that will renew your own research, and your field, and teaching.

This conference series explores new ways of helping students to achieve 21st Century competencies in mathematics and computer science. The previous conferences, held in Darwin, Australia in 2013 and in Chennai, India in 2014 (Videos from 2014) saw a unique interaction between computer science / mathematics researchers and educators and artists (theatre, dance, graphic arts).

Everyone interested in innovative ways to teach / popularise algorithmics and its foundations is welcome. We encourage you to present your own efforts and discuss new ideas. Presentations and demonstrations welcome, as also ideas for leading round-table discussions.

Important dates:

Abstracts due: 10 June 2016
Submissions due: 8 July 2016
Early Registration: 15 August 2016
Conference: 4-7 October 2016

Abstracts: Please let us know a title and a few sentences about what you would like to do and approximately how much time you will need. This will help us in making the program. Although the date for Abstracts was 10 june, we will accept later due to the nature of this conference. A full paper/description can be submitted later. We look forward to seeing you at CMSC.
Rudiger Reischuk
Sebastian Berndt
Frances Rosamond

Past events

11 and 12 March 2015: Tim Bell talking about CS Unplugged at FutureSchools (Sydney, Australia)