We’re all about sharing #

If you’ve enjoyed using the activities but have ideas on how to improve them, or ideas of your own for other areas of Computer Science, then we encourage you to download the latest version from the link below and start modifying! We’d also love to see what you’ve done, so send us an email once you’re done. CS Unplugged carries a Creative Commons licence so you can publish modifications as long as you keep the attribution and release it with the same licence yourself.

The latest editable versions can be found here: Changelog & Files

Upload your own Photos #

Have photos of Unplugged activities being used? We would love to see them! Email any photos to Tim Bell here.

Note: By submitting photos, you confirm you have secured permission from the subjects and photographer for display.

Resources #

We’re constantly on the lookout for cool new resources for teaching and learning topics relating to Computer Science. If you find something, we want to know. Simply fill out this form and we’ll add it to the site.

If you have quite a bit to add, we may consider adding you as a contributor – so get in touch!