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Versions #

Version 3.2.2 (11 Jan 2016) #

CSUnplugged_OS_2015_v3.2.2 Word version

  • Transcript of VP with chatbot reinstated in Turing Test material.

Version 3.2.1 (6 Jan 2016) #

CSUnplugged_OS_2015_v3.2.1 Word version

  • Two missing images (first example solution, and ladder networks) added to the Steiner trees activity.

Version 3.2 (5 Jan 2016) #

Download Word version (minor updates)

  • Fixed some incorrect references to activity numbers caused by inserting a new activity
  • Some minor grammar/spelling corrections

Version 3.1 (March 2015) #

Download Word version - Download PDF version (also available as RTF and ODT versions, but these are simple conversions and have some errors in the formatting)

  • Switched to new logo design
  • Combination of the two parts into one book and introduces version numbering
  • Introduction updated
  • New activity added - Tablets of Stone
  • Minor updates to several activities and explanations
  • Improve Curriculum links (moving away from NZ Curriculum to general curriculum)
  • Formatting improvements (fixing page numbers, layout, fonts changed - no more Comic Sans!)
  • Fixed footers and copyright information to make creative commons license clearer

Version 2.5 (2012) #

Teacher’s Edition - Download (Part 1 | Part 2)

  • Updated version of the teachers’ edition, including the remaining 8 activities from version 1.0.
  • Updated a few terms that would no longer be meaningful to students e.g. mention of floppy disks

Version 2.0 (2010) #

Teacher’s Edition - Download

  • The first 12 activities of the original version re-written by teachers in 1999/2000 so that it was more suitable for use in the classroom; minor changes were made through to 2010.
  • This was eventually released as “open source” i.e. in MS Word, to support creating translations and local versions.
  • Updated images and cartoons
  • Included links to the New Zealand curriculum

Version 1.0 (mid-1990’s) #

First release - Download (PDF | LaTeX Source)

  • Original version developed in the mid-1990s, with 20 activities, written by academics primarily for use as an outreach tool.

Cover pages #

There is a cover page as part of the Word document, but the following page has also been developed.

  • A zip file is available containing an alternative cover page in Corel Draw, plus separate cartoons for each activity in SVG (as used on the page) for the Lithuanian version, drawn by Vaidotas Kinčius.